It’s Official.

After much thought, planning, and mind changing, I’m back to blogging and  I finally have my own legit company!!!  My new company name is Nevelyn Pearl Design House, LLC.  If you know me, I know what your thinking… Who the heck is Nevelyn Pearl?!  Well, let me explain.  I spent months contemplating what I would rename my company before I took the plunge and filed the paperwork.  I was no longer excited about the previous names I’d coined.  I needed something with meaning.  Something that embodied my own personal history.  Something I could pass down to my future children that stood for family.  Nellie Pearl Thompson, my paternal grandmother.  Eddie Pearl Thompson my paternal grandfather.  Evelyn Butler, my maternal grandmother.  All have gone home to be with the Lord but I think about often and still love them dearly.  I miss them all heavy.  What better way to honor them than to combine their names and use them to name my business. Anytime I read that name, which will likely be daily, I will think about them.  I’ll remember all they brought to my life.  I’ll reflect on all the parts of them that I inherited.


My blog: Some of you know that I tried the blog thing a few years back.  I realize now that wasn’t quite ready for it then.  While I loved it, it was really all over the place.  I didn’t know what I wanted it to be.  Eventually it just became a chore and I abandoned it.  This time around, I was just inspired to write.  I’m just gonna write about whatever it is that I’m feeling at the moment.  This blog will be about me and my personal journey through life. Whether it’s something that happened that day or some idea that crossed my mind, a project I’m excited about or trips/events I attend, whatever it may be, I’m just going to share it with you should I get the urge to.  Life from my point of view.  Since my first blog, DesignPill, life has shown out.  I’ve been through THE most. Good, bad, and ugly. Happy, sad, and rock bottom.  I feel I have a story to tell.  I sometimes have conversations with myself.  I promise I’m not crazy, though my husband may beg to differ!  Haha!  But seriously, I do!  I even record these convos and play them back for myself a couple times before deleting them.  Sometimes it’s ideas that I don’t want to forget. Sometimes it’s a dictation of a project I want to do or something I want to write about.  Sometimes it’s venting to myself when I don’t trust anyone else to listen.  It’s actually pretty therapeutic. An outlet. This could be another version of that I guess.  I’ll just leave the highly personal stuff to my recorder, hubby, or my bestie.

YouTube?: I’ve toyed with the idea of a Youtube channel…  I’ve been asked on several occasions if I’d ever start one.  I’m open to the idea of personal vlogs. Maybe on the days I don’t feel like typing, I’ll vlog my thoughts and post them here.  I may even vlog trips, business events, or day to day activities.  Who knows.  Don’t hold me to that though!  We shall see.  At the end of the day, I just hope that my outlet can help someone in some way.

My business: I finally decided what I want to do with my design degree.  I will get more into that on a later date because that part is still under construction.  I’m planning out my website and my product now.  And that’s that! I apologize for leaving you in suspense… but you’ll be ok.  Begin shameless plug.  In the mean time you can stop by my Poshmark closet as that small part of my business is up and running!  The link is in the menu bar 🙂 Nevelyn Pearl Btq.  I sell new and gently used women’s clothing and accessories there.  It’s actually my second closet.  I’m in the process of closing my first one because I wanted to link the name of it to my business and brand.  Your support and feedback would be greatly appreciated.  If you decide to stop by and want to buy something, even if it’s not from me, use my invite code JJAIB when you register for the Poshmark app (new users only).  They will give us both a $10 credit towards any purchase! End shameless plug.

My other business alongside my husband:  Most of you know that Asley and I are Regional Vice Presidents in Primerica.  We work together side by side.  I manage our office. He mentors, trains and develops our agents.  I may post about this significant part of my life from time to time as well because I know many may have questions about it.  You work with your husband?!?!  Yes.  I do.  He jokingly mentions from stage from time to time that sometimes he fires me and sometimes I fire him but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our business wouldn’t strive if we weren’t running it together.  Partnership Power!!  It’s an incredible thing and I’m so thankful that Primerica encourages it.

So now that you’re all caught up, I suppose I’ll end this post here.  I do hope you’ll comment any questions or statements you may have.  I’m very interested in the feedback of my peers.  I only ask that while in my blog, you will keep it respectable, positive, and kind.  Any nasty, negative, or downright disrespectful comments will not be published! There is a such thing as respectfully disagreeing as we all have different views on life!  I say this because I already have some topics planned that are “controversial” and some may have strong views about them.  If you’d like to state your case here I expect for it to be done in a thoughtful manner.  Thanks for reading and be well!!

Love, Nevelyn Pearl