I Was a Guest Speaker on the Family Planet365 Podcast!


I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker on Family Planet365 which aired on LA Talk Radio! The host of the show, and my big cousin, Malena Jackson asked me to discuss some of our journey with infertility and IVF as well as what I’m looking forward to in becoming a first time mommy! I jumped at the chance because anytime I’m able to share our story regarding baby making I do it because I definitely feel that it isn’t discussed enough.

I believe that sharing these types of experiences opens up a dialog that can potentially change how we as a society treat the sensitive subject that is pregnancy. It’s all to common for people to insert themselves into such personal business and while there may be no malicious intent, it can be very hurtful to the person on the receiving end. You never know what a person or a couple is dealing with behind closed doors.  I think that by sharing these stories, one might think twice before asking a woman or a couple when they plan to have children or asking “what’s taking so long??” or pointing out that they aren’t getting any younger so they should make it happen soon… Not knowing that they may have been trying for years or not knowing that the may have experienced several miscarriages, or not knowing that they can’t even have children of their own or not knowing that they don’t have any intention of ever having children.

It is also my hope that by my sharing our story, another woman or couple can find comfort in knowing that someone else knows what they’re dealing with, though my experience may not be exactly the same as theirs.  I hope they find comfort in knowing someone sympathizes with them and their situation and that someone is trying to make a change, however small that change might be, that will potentially keep them from having to answer those uncomfortable questions mentioned above. A change that will make people realize that someone else’s plans for their womb is none of their business, whether they’re family or not, and they shouldn’t question it unless the person on the receiving end is the one to bring up the topic.

I decided to film the conversation, which I have posted below, but it turns out that its pretty tough to hear Malena’s end of the conversation, especially without headphones so I’ve also added the link to the playback of the podcast! However you chose to listen, I hope that you enjoy it and get something good out of it!


Full Interview Link: http://latalkradio.com/content/family…


Cinco De Mayo… on a Boat!!! [Jax RVPs + Drone Footage]

So our homies, Jason and Jenn Cueva, became members of Jax Boat Club and decided to get some of the Regional Vice Presidents in our office together for a morning/afternoon on the water! Funny thing, It was never really meant to celebrate Cinco de Mayo… that part was just a coincidence, lol. It was also a coincidence that the RVPs that ended up on the boat were all originally from the Catalyst Base! lol! (You’ll get that if you’re in Primerica.. ;))  So it was kind of like a mini family reunion! We did have one non-RVP… as one of our colleagues pointed out to me in a comment on the video, lol. Yes, Kelby joined us and brought along his drone as a request from Jason! And we’re so glad he did because he captured some amazing footage that made the day, & Jason’s and my vlog, even more special!


[All Drone Footage/Photos by Kelby Kniat]

 We headed out just before 8am that morning. It was cold. There was a much needed thunderstorm the night before, that made the morning quite windy and chilly but we toughed it out!!! Because that’s what winners do! Aside from the chill, it was a gorgeous morning and it only got better throughout the day!

Our first stop was our own little private beach! We were the first and only people to touch it that morning and we definitely made our presence known with hundreds of deep footprints in the wet sand. We chilled out, pun intended, and had a bite to eat while Kelby set up the drone. Asley and I had a vegan Tofurky sandwiches [w/ vegan mayo, lettuce, tomato, and avocado] and chips! I also had some roasted red pepper hummus, which I happily added to my sub as well, and gluten free pita chips. Oh, and tequila.. #AlwaysPrepared.




First footprints of the day!  [Photo by: Jason Cueva]

 Kelby finally got the drone going and all the boys were like kids in a candy store, lol! I must admit.. I caught the drone bug. That thing was pretty badass and I want one.  A couple of seagulls decided to join in on the fun which made for some really cool footage in the vlog! It seems like you’re looking at the birds point of view in addition to the drones. I was kinda excited about that, lol. It felt very artistic!



[Drone Footage/Photos by Kelby Kniat]

 Once we finished playing with the drone we noticed our boat was getting stuck!  All of our big strong boys were able to free it and we left our little private beach to head back towards a giant sand bar in the middle of the water that we had passed earlier.


Hanging up front with my Jenny pie! [Photo by: Jason Cueva]

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 1.28.18 AM

Braids gone wild in the wind!!!

We hung out there for quite some time of because the weather took a turn for the better! It was warming up quite a bit and we celebrated it with more shots and beer!! lol! I took full advantage of the sun and got a little tanning in… Kelby broke out the drone again and captured even more beautiful footage!  We walked around on the sand bar a bit, still slightly bundled up because of the wind, before heading back to the boat to sit and bask in the sunlight. And drink, lol.. and eat.. and laugh…


[Drone Footage/Photos by Kelby Kniat]


PRI Family! [Photo by: Jason Cueva]

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 1.29.35 AM


We left the sand bar and headed back to the marina to hang out by the pool. By this time it was back to full on Florida weather so the pool was definitely a welcomed treat!!


Brandon with a killer cannon ball!

All in all, it was a perfect day. Lots of convo, laughter, dranks, and quality time with people we’ve grinded with, grown with, won with and love!! Here’s to many more days like this in the future!! Thanks again Jason and Jenn!!

Eddie Pearl Stopped By for a Visit!


January 8, 2017

He walked around the room smiling from ear to ear. That smile I know and adored. He never spoke a word but happiness beamed from his presence. He stopped and stood in front of me, arms stretched out and eyes gleaming, awaiting my embrace. I quickly and lovingly obliged. My arms went straight through him, his ghost, but I felt every bit of him.

The home we were gathered in was unfamiliar but the entire family was there. While I couldn’t see their faces, I knew who they were. They were all in the kitchen, which was in full view of where I stood, laughing, talking and visiting.

Granddaddy began walking around the living room again where we had our little visit. Still smiling. I called out to the family, “Grandaddy’s here!!!” They didn’t immediately respond but shortly after, they became aware. They could see him! The family poured into the living room and formed a giant group hug around our sweet Eddie Pearl, unable to embrace him but also feeling every bit of him just as I did. We may have all stood there holding each other but he was very much there. Though we couldn’t physically touch him, we could see his handsome and kind face and we could feel his love for each of us. Happiness, love and family overwhelmed the room.

And then it was just the two of us once again. He stood in front of me, still grinning and holding my gaze as a bright round white light flashed before my eyes.

I woke up immediately. Heart beating out of my chest. All I could do was smile.

I love you granddaddy. Thank you for the visit. I’ll tell everyone you stopped by to say hello.

The Other Side, Part 2

Part two: Eddie Pearl Thompson guides me to my gifts.

It was the day we laid my grandfather, Eddie Pearl, to rest.  After the funeral, the family went back to his home to reflect and be together. During this time, my brother, my cousins, and I walked around the house in search of things that we wanted to take to remember our beloved grandfather by.


I walked around and around, glancing here and there but I just could’t find anything I wanted. I wanted whatever I took to have meaning and to be special. I voiced to my dad that I couldn’t find anything and he told me to just keep looking. Look close. So I walked around again. This time paying very close attention to the things that one might not see. I made my way over to the stairs that lead to the attic. The stairs that my brother, my cousins, and I had run up and down countless times as children. There was a shelf there that my granddaddy kept all of his family photographs on. It had always been there. As I looked through them all, something caught my eye… tucked way back underneath the lowest of the steps was a frame. Inside that frame was a scripture.

One thing about my grandfather… He was a Godly man. He was completely filled with the spirit and you knew it as soon as you spoke to him. You see, my grandaddy was the ONLY person to ever ask me, every single time I saw him, “are you reading your bible?” Never failed. Each encounter, he would ask and I would answer no and he would encourage me to read the word and to pray. I’d attempted to read it several times but I’d always fall off. I still struggle with it but I’ve always had a close relationship with God. One that is its strongest today.

So when I came across this frame, I felt a slightly overwhelming feeling that I was supposed to find it. The following events proved to me that that feeling was true. I scooped up the frame and continued my journey around his home that I’d explored countless times as a child. I walked into the kitchen and stood in front of the sink. Would you believe it?!? There sat a little mug with my name literally stamped on the front! I almost fell out! I grabbed it and continued around the kitchen. Tucked in the back corner of the room by the window was a white and rusty vintage kitchen cart. I thought to myself, “I’d always wanted one one of these!” I went back and forth with myself about whether or not I would take it… I felt so drawn to it. More on that later. I opened the little doors and looked through the cart and found all kinds of dishes and trinkets. I ended up with a crystal butter dish and candy dish. I don’t believe that these were items I was guided to though. I took them off of sheer impulse. I left the kitchen, with the cart still heavy on my mind, and made my way into the living room.

My grandfather collected all kinds of treasures. Some may have called it junk, but me, I was always fascinated by his little trinkets. I always wondered what it was about them that made him want to bring them home.  While looking through his things, I glanced up at the mantle over his wood burning stove and I saw a little silver locket with a cross on the front of it hanging from a nail. I grabbed it and opened it up. Inside was another scripture! At this point I was feeling some type of way. This was no coincidence. I pocketed it and proceeded on my journey. I ended up at his work desk. I looked all through this work desk a million times in my childhood. We’d always find the coolest things there. Sitting right on top was his bible with a magnifying glass. I am positive he used it to read his bible. I picked up the bible and wasn’t shocked to see that it was worn, tattered, and very frequently used. It was marked in, bookmarked, and falling apart.  I wondered if I should take it, my dad said I should, but something in me said no. As I went to set it back down, right underneath where I picked it up from was a brand spanking new and beautiful bible. I giggled to myself because I immediately knew it was meant for me. One for me to use until it was worn and tattered. Even still, he encouraged me to read the good word. I picked it up, along with his magnifying glass, held them close and went about my search.

I walked over to his bureau that sat by the front door. He kept all his hats there. Inside he kept shirts and handkerchiefs among other things. I took a golden colored hanky with E. Thompson hand written by him in the corner. Had to have it. So it was mine and it completed my search through his home.

Back to the vintage cart. I still couldn’t get it off of my mind but I decided to leave it. We left to head back home and I thought about it all the way there. I was’t too terribly worried because I knew my dad would be back on a monthly basis and if I wanted it, he would bring it to me. That spring, I decided I would start my garden. I’d been wanting to start a container garden on my balcony for years so I finally made it happen. My dad has an amazing garden and so did my grandfather. We all share some similar passions and one is fresh food straight from the earth. Maybe that’s why I had such an urge to begin my own. As I set up my garden I was trying to think of a storage solution to hold all of my tools and plant food. I looked all over town and couldn’t find anything that would work or that I wanted. Then BAM! Hit me like a ton of bricks!! The CART!!! Yes!!! That’s why I couldn’t get it off of my mind from the moment I walked away from it. It was meant for me, just not at that time! I wasn’t ready for it yet but the time had come for me to claim it. I called my dad immediately and on the next trip he took to Cataula, Ga, he packed up the cart and brought it to me. I put it in my garden and it looked like it belonged there the entire time. The best part… when I open the doors I smell nothing but my granddaddy’s home. I’ve had it about a year and I can still smell it. I eventually plan on painting it to match my balcony but I’m not yet done enjoying how it came to me.

I’ll walk you through all of my gifts, in the same order as explained above, in the video below. Special note to my family… watch till the very end for a sweet surprise!!

I believe that our loved ones who leave this earth never really leave us. They may not be around us constantly but they come to us and communicate with us when the time is right.  My grandparents did just that with me and I couldn’t be more grateful that my heart was open enough to receive both of their messages.

Have you had a similar experience? Don’t be shy! Tell us about it in the comments! I’d love to hear your story.

Love, Nevelyn Pearl





The Other Side? Part 1

I met and connected with an incredible woman a couple of weeks ago.  We we spoke on several topics but one in particular was something  I’ve considered writing about for a while now.  My conversation with her inspired me to write about it here.  What are your thoughts on spirits?  Specifically good ones… Have you ever felt that someone you love, who has passed away, has guided you or spoken to you in some way?   I have had moments like these on several occasions.  There were 3 specific occasions… But I’m only going to speak on 2 of them.  Remember in my first blog post, “It’s Official,”  when I told you about Nellie Pearl and Eddie Pearl?  Well, my Grandma Nellie spoke to me in a dream the week of my wedding, and my Granddaddy Eddie guided my steps on the day that we laid him to rest. I believe this with all of my heart.  Here are the stories…

Grandma Nellie Pearl’s Master Plan.

September 2010. My wedding was a about week out and my grandma Nellie was busy making plans in heaven. They were elaborate plans… She had it all figured out.  She appeared to me in a dream and stood in directly in front of me.  She was holding something in her hands but  I couldn’t quite make out what it was.  She reached her arms out to me with with the gift in her hands and a sweet smile on her face and said “I want you to have this.”  I smiled back at her and accepted her mystery gift.  I told her thank you and she told me that she loved me and that was it.  She was gone. I woke up from my dream and I immediately realized what it was even though I didn’t know what it was. I was certain that she was providing me with my something old!  I could feel it with everything inside of me. I didn’t tell anyone about this experience until the night before my wedding.

Meanwhile,  my dad, Daniel, and his sister, Nita,  were enjoying a late night phone call with one another.  I’d like to think that this call was on the exact same night but I’m not completely sure… It may have been the day before but it was definitely the same week. For the sake of my story, we’re gonna call it the same night, lol!


My Auntie Nita and My Grandma Nellie.

Fast forward to the night before my wedding. We had several family members at our house. We had just finished the rehearsal dinner.  My dad, my auntie, my mother and I stepped away into my bedroom because they wanted to talk to me about something.  They told me that they had something for me… My heart starts beating out of my chest because deep inside I already knew what was happening.  I just couldn’t believe it!!!  So I let them go on to tell me that what the had for me was to be my something old. How fitting is it that she gets her son and daughter to deliver her gift to me for her?!  My Auntie Nita pulls out a black purse with a purple ribbon detail (Purple is my favorite color, btw) on the front that belonged to my grandmother.  Inside was a picture of her holding it. This picture.


Cue the water works!!! The tears immediately started streaming down my face and I was overwhelmed with emotion. I hugged the deliverers of my package and then took a moment to myself.  I soon called them back in the room and I told the 3 of them all about the dream I had earlier that week. They were stunned!  Why, you ask? Because of this conversation between the my dad and his sister on the phone as told by my father in this video…

Nellie Pearl’s plan had come full circle, well almost…

The next day, my wedding day, I decided that I would walk down the isle with my gift of something old that held a photo of my beautiful grandmother.  I also made sure that my photographer got a shot of me holding it close towards the end of that special night.

You can’t tell me that she didn’t orchestrate all of that!!!  What makes it even more real… I had a similar experience with my grandfather on the day of his funeral. Stay tuned for part 2 where I will share that story with you.

Have you had an experience like this with a loved one who passed away? I’d love to hear about it in the comments if you don’t mind sharing! Thank you for watching and as always, be well!

Love, Nevelyn Pearl

P.S. About the cake… lol! Note to self, Neat Egg makes your cake extra heavy and it also changes the flavor! It kinda fell apart so I didn’t take a picture. I’ll try again in the near future with a different egg alternative and let you know how it turns out!

It’s Official.

After much thought, planning, and mind changing, I’m back to blogging and  I finally have my own legit company!!!  My new company name is Nevelyn Pearl Design House, LLC.  If you know me, I know what your thinking… Who the heck is Nevelyn Pearl?!  Well, let me explain.  I spent months contemplating what I would rename my company before I took the plunge and filed the paperwork.  I was no longer excited about the previous names I’d coined.  I needed something with meaning.  Something that embodied my own personal history.  Something I could pass down to my future children that stood for family.  Nellie Pearl Thompson, my paternal grandmother.  Eddie Pearl Thompson my paternal grandfather.  Evelyn Butler, my maternal grandmother.  All have gone home to be with the Lord but I think about often and still love them dearly.  I miss them all heavy.  What better way to honor them than to combine their names and use them to name my business. Anytime I read that name, which will likely be daily, I will think about them.  I’ll remember all they brought to my life.  I’ll reflect on all the parts of them that I inherited.


My blog: Some of you know that I tried the blog thing a few years back.  I realize now that wasn’t quite ready for it then.  While I loved it, it was really all over the place.  I didn’t know what I wanted it to be.  Eventually it just became a chore and I abandoned it.  This time around, I was just inspired to write.  I’m just gonna write about whatever it is that I’m feeling at the moment.  This blog will be about me and my personal journey through life. Whether it’s something that happened that day or some idea that crossed my mind, a project I’m excited about or trips/events I attend, whatever it may be, I’m just going to share it with you should I get the urge to.  Life from my point of view.  Since my first blog, DesignPill, life has shown out.  I’ve been through THE most. Good, bad, and ugly. Happy, sad, and rock bottom.  I feel I have a story to tell.  I sometimes have conversations with myself.  I promise I’m not crazy, though my husband may beg to differ!  Haha!  But seriously, I do!  I even record these convos and play them back for myself a couple times before deleting them.  Sometimes it’s ideas that I don’t want to forget. Sometimes it’s a dictation of a project I want to do or something I want to write about.  Sometimes it’s venting to myself when I don’t trust anyone else to listen.  It’s actually pretty therapeutic. An outlet. This could be another version of that I guess.  I’ll just leave the highly personal stuff to my recorder, hubby, or my bestie.

YouTube?: I’ve toyed with the idea of a Youtube channel…  I’ve been asked on several occasions if I’d ever start one.  I’m open to the idea of personal vlogs. Maybe on the days I don’t feel like typing, I’ll vlog my thoughts and post them here.  I may even vlog trips, business events, or day to day activities.  Who knows.  Don’t hold me to that though!  We shall see.  At the end of the day, I just hope that my outlet can help someone in some way.

My business: I finally decided what I want to do with my design degree.  I will get more into that on a later date because that part is still under construction.  I’m planning out my website and my product now.  And that’s that! I apologize for leaving you in suspense… but you’ll be ok.  Begin shameless plug.  In the mean time you can stop by my Poshmark closet as that small part of my business is up and running!  The link is in the menu bar 🙂 Nevelyn Pearl Btq.  I sell new and gently used women’s clothing and accessories there.  It’s actually my second closet.  I’m in the process of closing my first one because I wanted to link the name of it to my business and brand.  Your support and feedback would be greatly appreciated.  If you decide to stop by and want to buy something, even if it’s not from me, use my invite code JJAIB when you register for the Poshmark app (new users only).  They will give us both a $10 credit towards any purchase! End shameless plug.

My other business alongside my husband:  Most of you know that Asley and I are Regional Vice Presidents in Primerica.  We work together side by side.  I manage our office. He mentors, trains and develops our agents.  I may post about this significant part of my life from time to time as well because I know many may have questions about it.  You work with your husband?!?!  Yes.  I do.  He jokingly mentions from stage from time to time that sometimes he fires me and sometimes I fire him but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our business wouldn’t strive if we weren’t running it together.  Partnership Power!!  It’s an incredible thing and I’m so thankful that Primerica encourages it.

So now that you’re all caught up, I suppose I’ll end this post here.  I do hope you’ll comment any questions or statements you may have.  I’m very interested in the feedback of my peers.  I only ask that while in my blog, you will keep it respectable, positive, and kind.  Any nasty, negative, or downright disrespectful comments will not be published! There is a such thing as respectfully disagreeing as we all have different views on life!  I say this because I already have some topics planned that are “controversial” and some may have strong views about them.  If you’d like to state your case here I expect for it to be done in a thoughtful manner.  Thanks for reading and be well!!

Love, Nevelyn Pearl