Cinco De Mayo… on a Boat!!! [Jax RVPs + Drone Footage]

So our homies, Jason and Jenn Cueva, became members of Jax Boat Club and decided to get some of the Regional Vice Presidents in our office together for a morning/afternoon on the water! Funny thing, It was never really meant to celebrate Cinco de Mayo… that part was just a coincidence, lol. It was also a coincidence that the RVPs that ended up on the boat were all originally from the Catalyst Base! lol! (You’ll get that if you’re in Primerica.. ;))  So it was kind of like a mini family reunion! We did have one non-RVP… as one of our colleagues pointed out to me in a comment on the video, lol. Yes, Kelby joined us and brought along his drone as a request from Jason! And we’re so glad he did because he captured some amazing footage that made the day, & Jason’s and my vlog, even more special!


[All Drone Footage/Photos by Kelby Kniat]

 We headed out just before 8am that morning. It was cold. There was a much needed thunderstorm the night before, that made the morning quite windy and chilly but we toughed it out!!! Because that’s what winners do! Aside from the chill, it was a gorgeous morning and it only got better throughout the day!

Our first stop was our own little private beach! We were the first and only people to touch it that morning and we definitely made our presence known with hundreds of deep footprints in the wet sand. We chilled out, pun intended, and had a bite to eat while Kelby set up the drone. Asley and I had a vegan Tofurky sandwiches [w/ vegan mayo, lettuce, tomato, and avocado] and chips! I also had some roasted red pepper hummus, which I happily added to my sub as well, and gluten free pita chips. Oh, and tequila.. #AlwaysPrepared.




First footprints of the day!  [Photo by: Jason Cueva]

 Kelby finally got the drone going and all the boys were like kids in a candy store, lol! I must admit.. I caught the drone bug. That thing was pretty badass and I want one.  A couple of seagulls decided to join in on the fun which made for some really cool footage in the vlog! It seems like you’re looking at the birds point of view in addition to the drones. I was kinda excited about that, lol. It felt very artistic!



[Drone Footage/Photos by Kelby Kniat]

 Once we finished playing with the drone we noticed our boat was getting stuck!  All of our big strong boys were able to free it and we left our little private beach to head back towards a giant sand bar in the middle of the water that we had passed earlier.


Hanging up front with my Jenny pie! [Photo by: Jason Cueva]

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 1.28.18 AM

Braids gone wild in the wind!!!

We hung out there for quite some time of because the weather took a turn for the better! It was warming up quite a bit and we celebrated it with more shots and beer!! lol! I took full advantage of the sun and got a little tanning in… Kelby broke out the drone again and captured even more beautiful footage!  We walked around on the sand bar a bit, still slightly bundled up because of the wind, before heading back to the boat to sit and bask in the sunlight. And drink, lol.. and eat.. and laugh…


[Drone Footage/Photos by Kelby Kniat]


PRI Family! [Photo by: Jason Cueva]

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 1.29.35 AM


We left the sand bar and headed back to the marina to hang out by the pool. By this time it was back to full on Florida weather so the pool was definitely a welcomed treat!!


Brandon with a killer cannon ball!

All in all, it was a perfect day. Lots of convo, laughter, dranks, and quality time with people we’ve grinded with, grown with, won with and love!! Here’s to many more days like this in the future!! Thanks again Jason and Jenn!!

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