The Other Side, Part 2

Part two: Eddie Pearl Thompson guides me to my gifts.

It was the day we laid my grandfather, Eddie Pearl, to rest.  After the funeral, the family went back to his home to reflect and be together. During this time, my brother, my cousins, and I walked around the house in search of things that we wanted to take to remember our beloved grandfather by.


I walked around and around, glancing here and there but I just could’t find anything I wanted. I wanted whatever I took to have meaning and to be special. I voiced to my dad that I couldn’t find anything and he told me to just keep looking. Look close. So I walked around again. This time paying very close attention to the things that one might not see. I made my way over to the stairs that lead to the attic. The stairs that my brother, my cousins, and I had run up and down countless times as children. There was a shelf there that my granddaddy kept all of his family photographs on. It had always been there. As I looked through them all, something caught my eye… tucked way back underneath the lowest of the steps was a frame. Inside that frame was a scripture.

One thing about my grandfather… He was a Godly man. He was completely filled with the spirit and you knew it as soon as you spoke to him. You see, my grandaddy was the ONLY person to ever ask me, every single time I saw him, “are you reading your bible?” Never failed. Each encounter, he would ask and I would answer no and he would encourage me to read the word and to pray. I’d attempted to read it several times but I’d always fall off. I still struggle with it but I’ve always had a close relationship with God. One that is its strongest today.

So when I came across this frame, I felt a slightly overwhelming feeling that I was supposed to find it. The following events proved to me that that feeling was true. I scooped up the frame and continued my journey around his home that I’d explored countless times as a child. I walked into the kitchen and stood in front of the sink. Would you believe it?!? There sat a little mug with my name literally stamped on the front! I almost fell out! I grabbed it and continued around the kitchen. Tucked in the back corner of the room by the window was a white and rusty vintage kitchen cart. I thought to myself, “I’d always wanted one one of these!” I went back and forth with myself about whether or not I would take it… I felt so drawn to it. More on that later. I opened the little doors and looked through the cart and found all kinds of dishes and trinkets. I ended up with a crystal butter dish and candy dish. I don’t believe that these were items I was guided to though. I took them off of sheer impulse. I left the kitchen, with the cart still heavy on my mind, and made my way into the living room.

My grandfather collected all kinds of treasures. Some may have called it junk, but me, I was always fascinated by his little trinkets. I always wondered what it was about them that made him want to bring them home.  While looking through his things, I glanced up at the mantle over his wood burning stove and I saw a little silver locket with a cross on the front of it hanging from a nail. I grabbed it and opened it up. Inside was another scripture! At this point I was feeling some type of way. This was no coincidence. I pocketed it and proceeded on my journey. I ended up at his work desk. I looked all through this work desk a million times in my childhood. We’d always find the coolest things there. Sitting right on top was his bible with a magnifying glass. I am positive he used it to read his bible. I picked up the bible and wasn’t shocked to see that it was worn, tattered, and very frequently used. It was marked in, bookmarked, and falling apart.  I wondered if I should take it, my dad said I should, but something in me said no. As I went to set it back down, right underneath where I picked it up from was a brand spanking new and beautiful bible. I giggled to myself because I immediately knew it was meant for me. One for me to use until it was worn and tattered. Even still, he encouraged me to read the good word. I picked it up, along with his magnifying glass, held them close and went about my search.

I walked over to his bureau that sat by the front door. He kept all his hats there. Inside he kept shirts and handkerchiefs among other things. I took a golden colored hanky with E. Thompson hand written by him in the corner. Had to have it. So it was mine and it completed my search through his home.

Back to the vintage cart. I still couldn’t get it off of my mind but I decided to leave it. We left to head back home and I thought about it all the way there. I was’t too terribly worried because I knew my dad would be back on a monthly basis and if I wanted it, he would bring it to me. That spring, I decided I would start my garden. I’d been wanting to start a container garden on my balcony for years so I finally made it happen. My dad has an amazing garden and so did my grandfather. We all share some similar passions and one is fresh food straight from the earth. Maybe that’s why I had such an urge to begin my own. As I set up my garden I was trying to think of a storage solution to hold all of my tools and plant food. I looked all over town and couldn’t find anything that would work or that I wanted. Then BAM! Hit me like a ton of bricks!! The CART!!! Yes!!! That’s why I couldn’t get it off of my mind from the moment I walked away from it. It was meant for me, just not at that time! I wasn’t ready for it yet but the time had come for me to claim it. I called my dad immediately and on the next trip he took to Cataula, Ga, he packed up the cart and brought it to me. I put it in my garden and it looked like it belonged there the entire time. The best part… when I open the doors I smell nothing but my granddaddy’s home. I’ve had it about a year and I can still smell it. I eventually plan on painting it to match my balcony but I’m not yet done enjoying how it came to me.

I’ll walk you through all of my gifts, in the same order as explained above, in the video below. Special note to my family… watch till the very end for a sweet surprise!!

I believe that our loved ones who leave this earth never really leave us. They may not be around us constantly but they come to us and communicate with us when the time is right.  My grandparents did just that with me and I couldn’t be more grateful that my heart was open enough to receive both of their messages.

Have you had a similar experience? Don’t be shy! Tell us about it in the comments! I’d love to hear your story.

Love, Nevelyn Pearl





6 thoughts on “The Other Side, Part 2

  1. I am crowning you “Storyteller II”…a befitting moniker seeing you are the grandchild of Storyteller I (Daddy!). I just love your writing ability, you grab the reader and enthrall us with the ‘telling’. I see books being published! There is no limit for you, God is blessing you beyond measure. Can’t wait for what’s next. Hugs & Kisses!!


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